1 Dhul Hijjah 1441 – Making The Most of These Blessed Days


(Please note that this year (1441 AH/2020 CE) will be different in that the Hajj will not be available for those coming to Mecca from away. So please read this as you are experiencing the Hajj within your heart and in your own experience.)

The first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah is the time those who have been blessed to appear in Mecca for this year’s Hajj have arrived and started their practices at that holy site. Their eyes have beheld the holy Kaaba and the millions of brothers and sisters joining them there in this sacred rite.

Even as they arrive and celebrate in Mecca we, the rest of this beautiful Ummah, can join them in our minds, our hearts and our deeds. Following the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) these help us join our hearts with Allah (swt) and support the Hajjis in their pilgrimage.

Read the Qur’an. Completing the reading of the Qur’an in this time is a good deed and Allah (swt) loves good deeds done in these days.

Increase in Nawafil Prayers. Salat is one way we connect our heart with God. Taking this extra time to be in that connection is a blessing always but is even more special during this time.

Dhikr Allah. A great Sufi sage was said to have remarked that the only sin is taking a breath without the remembrance of Allah (swt). Let our remembrance grow more and more present in our lives during this time. “Subhanallah wa bihandihi, Subhanallahul azim, estaghfir Allah, wa la howla wa la quweta illa billah.”

Istighfaar. Ask for forgiveness. It is said that the Prophet (saw) asked for forgiveness 70 times a day. We are all deserving of Allah’s (swt) mercy and as we open our heart for His forgiveness we open our heart to those around us who deserve ours.

Fasting. Fast as much as you can during these days and most importantly on the day of Arafah. This will help to bring your heart in concert with those on hajj and will help you to feel the hardships of those there.

Charity. Spend for the sake of Allah (swt) Give in his way as much as possible. Don’t leave any raised hands return empty. Remember that our beloved Prophet (saw) said that even a smile is a charity.

Preserve the Ties of Kinship. Connect with all your near and far relatives. Tell them you love them and heal any wounds between you.

“Oh Allah, help me to remember You, to give You thanks and preform Your worship in the best manner.” (Sahih Abu Dawood 1:284)

Insha’Allah these acts are accepted by Allah (swt).

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