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Aqsa Week and the Sufi connection to Al-Aqsa Sanctuary: Abd Al-Ghani Nabulusi and Ibrahim ibn Adham

The occasion of Aqsa Week (24 February to 2 March) reminds me of how the Sufis celebrate the love of Masjid Al-Aqsa – the Al-Aqsa Sanctuary in Jerusalem. Before discussing two great Sufis, Abd Al-Ghani Nabulusi and Ibrahim ibn Adham, … Continue reading

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Urs of Hazrat Ali Hajveri (RA) begins – Daily Times

Staff Report (Originally posted in 2017) LAHORE: The 974th three-day annual urs of Syed Hasan Ali bin Usman bin Ali Al-Jalabi Al- Hajveri, also known as Data Ganj Bakhsh (RA), started with full religious zeal and traditional fervour in the … Continue reading

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The Heart of the Qur’an – Online Course with Omid Safi

A spiritual journey through the Qur’an! See what the Prophet Muhammad, Sufis like Mawlana Rumi and Ibn ‘Arabi, and scholars like al-Ghazali identified as the “Heart of the Qur’an.” – Online course with Omid Safi. Source: The Heart of the … Continue reading

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L’Shana Tova – Wishing you a sweet new year

Happy new year to all our Jewish readers and friends around the world! May you have a sweet year! As Muharram and Rosh Hashana are so close together this year, let this be an auspicious sign that our people can … Continue reading

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Transcendence: A Sufi Music Festival

Join us for a virtual Sufi music festival featuring world-renowned performers from Morocco, France, Iran, and India. Through dance, recitation, poetry, and prayer, Sufis have long engaged within the spiritual practices of sama (“listening”) and dhikr (“remembrance”) to gain transcendence … Continue reading

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