International moot on 'Sufism and Peace' in Lahore

The article that the link brings you to is about a conference that is being organized by the International Sufi Council in Lahore, Pakistan. The event looks wonderful and, insha’allah, will be a blessing for all concerned.

Here is a little excerpt from the article:

Chairman of the International Sufi Council Fakhar Zaman told a group of journalists at his Model Town residence here on Thursday that large number of international literary and cultural personalities including those who are reputed internationally for their expertise on mysticism from all over the world will be attending the moot.

He said that more than 150 such eminent figures have been invited from all over the world adding that most of them are likely to participate in the conference and exchange their views with national and international delegates to the conference.

You can read the whole article by following the link below:

International moot on ‘Sufism and Peace’ in Lahore.

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