– Shariah: Who Defines It?

By: Dr. Aslam Abdullah


In the US, with each passing day, the debate about Shariah is getting complicated. There are those who perceive Shariah as a threat to the US constitution and then there are those who view Shariah as a way of life lived according to principles promoted and protected by the US constitution. For some, it is the ideology of enemies and for others, it is a style of life of patriots. Some say that Shariah is totalitarian, demonic, authoritarian, and militaristic, others say that it is humane, compassionate, divine and peaceful. Some say that less than one percent Muslims of the US population wants to impose Shariah and others ask is the democracy in America so fragile that it would allow a minority to impose over the majority and they point out that over the years, the Christian evangelical community, much larger than the Muslim community, has not succeeded in putting prayers in schools…

more on this article via – Shariah: Who Defines It?.

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