The Cost of the Syrian Uprising: Shaykh Al-Bouti

Shaykh al-Bouti

Shaykh al-Bouti (ra)

The Cost of the Syrian Uprising: Shaykh Al-Bouti

22nd March, 2013

By H.A. Hellyer

Thursday evening in Damascus saw a suicide bombing take place in Masjid al-Iman – one of the more famous mosques in Syria’s capital city. At least 42 people were killed; among them was a famous Sunni religious scholar (‘alim), 84-year old Muhammad Sa’id Ramadan al-Bouti. Of Kurdish origin, he was a renowned scholar worldwide, with students from across the Muslim world, including within Muslim Western communities.

Read more of this article via The Cost of the Syrian Uprising: Shaykh Al-Bouti.

From Imam Salim: From my perspective this is a very well written article and well balanced in dealing with the confusing political events in Syria today. But one thing I would like to say is that whoever was the murderer who did this, the real reason he was killed is that Shaykh al-Bouti (may Allah (swt) raise him to a high station) possessed knowledge. Ignorance is an important tool of warfare no matter what side you are on. All groups in this conflict be they rebels, government, extremists, salafists, whomever – the one thing they are most afraid of is the people gaining true knowledge of Islam. Shaykh al-Bouti (ra) had that knowledge and was willing to give it to people. He was a true teacher. A thoughtful man of knowledge who imparted it to others and was truly loved for that. It is that which the killers wanted to kill. This way they can easily spread their false Islam, no matter from which side it might come. So whoever did this benefited not only themselves but all the “sides” except the one side which matters the most. The common man and woman who are caught in the middle of the conflict and who are suffering most from it. They had the most to loose by al-Bouti’s ( may God be pleased with him) murder. May Allah (swt) protect them and deliver them from this struggle safely, and soon, Ameen

Inna allahi wa inna allahi rajayun!


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