Khutba – 19 Rajab 1436/May 8, 2015


Seeing as how the blessed month of Rajab is now over half through all whose benefits can not be counted, we present this beautiful hadith from Imam Musa al-Kadhim (peace be upon him) on the greatness of Rajab and just fasting one day from this blessed month.

It has been narrated from Rasulullah (saw) that there is no month as great or noble in the sight of Allah as the month of Rajab and even the Arabs of the time of Ignorance held this month in great esteem, and with the coming of the religion of Islam at the hands of the final Messenger of Allah (swt), nothing was added to it except an increase in its greatness.  The Prophet (saw) went on to say that the month of Rajab is the month of Allah (swt); Sha’baan was his (saw) month and the month of Ramadhaan was the month of the Muslim Ummah.

Our Prophet Muhammad (saw) said, if a person were to fast one day in this month for the belief and hope of reward from Allah (swt), then he would have earned the pleasure of Allah (swt) and the fast of that one day would put out the anger of Allah (swt) and would cause the doors of the hellfire to be closed for him.  If the entire land were to be filled with gold and that gold was to be spent in the way of Allah (swt), then even this act would not add up to the bounties of fasting just one day.  There is not a single thing in the world that would perfect that person’s reward except for good (from Allah (swt)) as long as he was sincere to Allah (swt) (in has fasting).  When the evening time comes, ten of that person’s prayers would be granted, and if he were to supplicate for anything of the worldly life, Allah (swt) would give it to him, and if it were not given to him, then Allah (swt) would preserve that which is greater (than what he supplicated for) and that which the friends, lovers and chosen ones of Allah have prayed to him for.


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