28th Ramadhan Urs Hazrat Khadim Hasan, Gudri Shah Baba III, Usmani Chilla, Ana Sagar, Ajmer, India,1970CE

Mazar at Usmani Chillah, Ana Sagar, Ajmer, India

Hazrat Nawab Mohammad Khadim Hasan Shah Sahib, also known as Nawab Gudri Shah Baba, seemed to have been destined from an early age to be the outstanding Sufi saint he was. He was born in Moradabad, India on the 4th Jumada’ Thani 1312 A.H. (Dec. 3, 1894). He was interested in Sufism from an early age and preferred the company of dervishes. Thus after becoming the disciple of Hazrat Qazi Gudri Shah Baba of Ajmer, he left all behin…d and resettled in Ajmer in the company of his spiritual guide whose spiritual successor he became in later years. Thus he became heir to the Gudri Shahi Sufi Order.

His accomplishments thereafter were numerous and noteworthy. He was a prolific writer. Under his poet’s name, Khadim, he was the author of numerous volumes of Urdu poetry which have since been published. In addition, he authored books on many topics including among them, Sufism, and Sufi saints and great personages of Islamic history. On this website, http://muslim-canada.org/sufi/nawab.htm two of his books have been translated into English The Path of Tasawwuf and Hazrat Nizamuddin Awlia, r.a. His disciples numbered in the many thousands and today have spread as far as Europe and North America.

Thus after a long life of devotion and service, he died on 28th Ramadan 1390 A.H. (November 29th 1970). He is buried at Usmani Chillah, Ana Sagar in Ajmer, India. To date his Urs is celebrated annually in accordance with the Islamic date. The most recent burial (C.E. 1996) on the same hill is that of Dr. Zahurul Hassan Sharib, r.a., the first Sajjadah Nasheen of the shrine of Nawab Gudri Shah Baba, r.a.

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