7th Safar Urs Mohammed Suleman, Taunsa Sharif, Pakistan 1267AH/1850CE

Dargha complex in Taunsa Sharif

Muhammad Suleman Taunsvi (1184A.H/1770CE – 1267A.H/1850CE) was a Sufi saint born to the Jafar Pakhtun tribe of Darug, Loralai District, Balochistan province, in what is now Pakistan. His dargah lies in Tehsil Taunsa of district Dera Ghazi Khan of Punjab province in Pakistan. Taunsa Sharif is located on the Karachi-Peshawar Indus Highway near the headworks on the Indus River called Taunsa Barrage. His urs is celebrated at his shrine every year from 5-7 Safar.

Other saints in this lineage also buried at the Dargah complex are Khwaja Allah Bakhsh Karim Taunsvi (RA), Khwaja Hafiz Musa Taunsvi (RA), Khwaja Mian Hamid Taunsvi (RA) – Pir of Shaykh-ul-Islam Khwaja Qamar-ud-Din Sialvi (RA), Khwaja Hafiz Sadeed-ud-Din Taunsvi (RA) – Pir of Khwaja Hameed-ud-Din Sialvi who is the current Pir of Sial Sharif.

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