17 Jumada al Awwal Urs Maqdoom Sama Uddin (ra), Mehroli, New Delhi, 901AH/1496CE


Hazrat Maqdoom Sama Uddin Sohrewardi was the last towering Sufi Saint of the Suhrawardi Order. His father Hazrat Farid Uddin was the disciple of Hazrat Sadr Uddin known as Raju Qattal. Hazrat Sama Uddin was a disciple of Hazrat Kabir Uddin Ismail, who was also the disciple of Hazrat Raju Qattal. He had two sons Hazrat Abdullah Biyabani and HazratNaseer uddin who was his successor. Hazrat Sama Uddin got his education from Hazrat Saiyad Sharif Jirjani, philosopher and scholar at the court of Taimur Shah (d 1405CE). Hazrat Sama Uddin settled in Bayana during the reign of emperor Behlol Lodi (1451-1489CE). After Behlol Lodi, Sikandar Lodi (1489 – 1517CE) became the new emperor, who respected Hazrat Sama Uddin highly.

Hazrat Sama Uddin wrote a commentary on Lumat of Hazrat Shaikh Uddin Iraqi .He has written a book “Mufta ul Asrar” (Key to the Devine Secret). In “Akhbar Ul Akiyar” Hazrat Abdul Haq Mohaddis Delhvi (1551 A.D.-1642 A.D.) said:

“Shaikh Sama Uddin was complete in fear of God, in guarding himself from sin, in outer and inner knowledge. He possessed perfectly the power of attraction in the assembly. Moreover the heart of any sick person he used to look at graciously became cleaned from any spiritual disease and the purposes of any seeker he looked at fulfilled”.

Hazrat Sama Uddin died on 17th Jamada al awwal 901AH/ 2 February 1496CE  and was buried at Mehrolli, Delhi.

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