Sweep Out the Chambers of Your Heart


Sweep Out the Chambers of Your Heart.

“Go sweep out the chambers of your heart. Make it ready to be the dwelling place of the Beloved.” Mahmud Shbistari, 14th century Sufi Poet.

This is a three day Purification and Prayer event – led by Imam Salim and Tara Chishti. We will be learning to clear our body, heart and soul and make them ready for the presence of the divine. Practices of purification from the Sufi and Islamic traditions – dances of Universal Peace – dhikr (zikr) – and deep prayer. This is an experiential workshop where the participants will engage in group and individual practices. All practices will be taught, there is no experience needed. The Islamic prayers and the prayers of the Sufi Order International will be offered. Participation in prayers is optional.

Dates: Friday evening, June 25 to Sunday afternoon, June 27
Tuition: Sliding scale $70.00 to $100.00 for the whole weekend, you decide what you can pay.
Room and board: At the regular Abode of the Message rates, you can contact the Abode Programs office for the current rates.
Registration and more information: 518-794-SUFI (518-794-7834) extension 114.

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