The Asian Age – Sadia Dehlvi – Islam is the soul of Sufism

Sadia Dehlvi (courtesy Hindustani Times)

Islam is the soul of Sufism.

The post that the link goes to was originally posted as an Op-Ed piece in “The Asian Age”. It is by Sadia Dehlvi. She touches on some very true points and makes a wonderful case for recitation of Sema Mehfil. We post the dates of Mehfil ceremonies here in Common Sense. The one point which I differ with her is in understanding the ever increasing numbers of people who connect themselves with the Sufis and leave off the Islam or any religion for that matter.

The inconsistency lies in the incorrect, in my opinion, assumption that this is something new. Reading biographies and stories of Sufis from all times seems to indicate that there were always those that participated in the periphery but did not adhere to the central core of Islamic practices. This did not seem to bother the Sheikhs of the time nor have a detrimental effect on the sanctity of the orders or the khankhas. It is true that most did not initiate those who were not Muslim, but many had very close disciples who were Hindus or Sikhs, some of whom did eventually convert.

Dehlvi is right on that there is a level of purification needed to truly understand and benefit from Sema, but it is also true that Rasul Allah (saw) said that there is even  benefit to one who comes upon a dhikr circle only to borrow a cup of sugar.

Is there danger in this? I do not think so, except that some are apt to take the ecstasy and leave the rest. But if my own and many other people’s stories are any indication, soon enough we learn that there is more and go seek it.

All in all though, I would have to say that Ms. Dehlvi has made a very good point and one that deserves our thought and thanks.

One might also say that Sufism is the soul of Islam.

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