Eight major world religions meet up in a book – latimes.com

Akasha Lonsdale, a therapist and interfaith minister, has published “Do I Kneel or Do I Bow?,” a concise guide to the ceremonies of various faiths.


Muslims pray at a mosque in Kara-Suu in southern Kyrgyzstan. Akasha Lonsdale believes a baseline understanding of the major religions is a matter of daily life these days (Vyacheslav Oseledko, AFP/Getty Images / April 16, 2010)

When Akasha Lonsdale was a child in London, her agnostic family prohibited her from participating in religious services at the Church of England school she attended. Required to sit at the back of a Hebrew class for the school’s Jewish students, she befriended a girl whose family invited her to the Friday night Sabbath meal. Read the entire review at the link below.

Eight major world religions meet up in a book – latimes.com.

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