Sufis march against Taliban – Asia – Al Jazeera English


Thousands protest in Lahore against what they describe as “Talibanisation” of Pakistan.

via Sufis march against Taliban – Asia – Al Jazeera English.

Soon there will be tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, insha’allah. And for those of you who complain that Muslims do not protest against these tactics I ask you – how many western newspapers or networks are covering this? These kinds of protests are happening all over the Muslim world but receive little, if any coverage in the west.

And the role that the Pakistani government is playing in suppressing it – with the US trying to woo Pakistan into its own brand of fighting terrorism – which is not working very well – is it any wonder that Pakistan is doing that? Playing both sides against one another. At the same time they are protesting US drone strikes, they also undermine the very internal grass roots movements that could cut off the Taliban influences at the local levels. What a travesty.

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Contact Imam Salim

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