VOA | Pakistan Cleric Offers Reward for Killing Christian Woman | Asia | English

Remember this man's face, the face of a mushrik surrounded by bodyguards. Who does he need protecting from? Hey Yousef, the bodyguards will not protect you from Allah (swt)

A Pakistani cleric says if the government does not hang a Christian mother of five convicted last month of blasphemy against Islam, then his mosque will offer a reward of $6,000 to anyone who kills her. Yousef Qureshi issued the call Friday.

via VOA | Pakistan Cleric Offers Reward for Killing Christian Woman | Asia | English.

This man is a disgrace to Islam. He has no right to make such a claim and in doing so he becomes just another common criminal who is inciting people to murder. Look at his face carefully and remember it. If anything does happen to Asia Bibi then he should be arrested.

I am really getting tired of these fake uluma who speak as if they have some kind of authority and in the end all they are doing is defaming the name of Islam and trying to promote themselves.  And look at the two men on either side of him, what are they? Bodyguards – this man is not a man of the people. The worst part of this is that other, less educated people will believe him to be what he is not and will follow him. He is playing on people’s emotions and lack of knowledge, perpetuating this kind of un-Islamic behavior.

As he spoke of this the real judiciary in Pakistan is considering pardoning and releasing her, this is the correct and Islamic way of doing things. Christians are ahl al kitab and are therefore protected as our brothers and sisters. Furthermore, from what I have read in other accounts there is much doubt as to the truthfulness of the witnesses against her. This so called cleric, Yousef Qureshi, has taken it upon himself to set himself up as judge and jury for this person probably without even hearing the evidence against her, or the witnesses for her, or any type of real judicial process. There can be no such way of doing things in Islam, In Islam there has to be witnesses and a real judge to make a determination of guilt. Even then there are degrees of application of punishment. What Yousef Qureshi is doing is un-Islamic and he is the worst kind of mushrik – he is worshiping his own self, his own ego and desire and his own brand of justice over Allah’s justice. For that I think he will be severely punished when he faces Allah (swt) on the final day.

The case of Asia Bibi seems clear cut to me. People in her village want something from her and since they cannot get it through the usual means they are resorting to character assassination and accusing her of this crime. From what I have ready she should be released and allowed to leave the area if that is what she wants.

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