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Dargah of Hazrat Sakhi Syedan Shah (ra)

Urs of Syedan Shah Begins Today

via Urs of Syedan Shah begins today | Pakistan | News | Newspaper | Daily | English | Online.

[from Imam Salim – if you have more information about this person please send to me via the comments. This dargah is in Pakistan]

Published: July 12, 2011

NOORPUR THAL – The three-day annual Urs celebrations of saint Hazrat Baba Sakhi Syedan Shah will commence here on Tuesday (today).

Devotees and spectators would visit the shrine Baba Sakhi Syedan Shah to pay their respect and homage to the sufi saint.

After Fajr prayer, the opening ceremony of Urs will start with ‘Chadar Poshi’ at the shrine of Baba jee. Mehfil-i-samaa and spiritual meetings will be held and renowned qawwals will render poetry on the occasion.

On the second day of the Urs, a seminar will be held regarding the personality and teachings of Baba Syedan Shah in which Ulema and mashaikh will highlight the life and teachings of Baba Sakhi Syedan.

Urs is traditionally characterized by lighting of candles and clay lamps, sufi music and devotional dance.

Security personnel equipped with latest detective equipments will be deployed at the shrine to prevent any untoward incident during the Urs celebrations.

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