Ramadhan Retreat August 12-14, 2011 – Cancelled

"My Lord, increase my knowledge"

Imam Salim Chishti and Tara Chishti will lead a Ramadhan Retreat at the Abode of the Message from 7:00PM on August 12 to noon on August 14. We will have prayers together, suhur on Saturday and Sunday and iftar. Zikr and tarawhee prayers and sohbet. If this interests you please send an email to Imam Salim for more information. There will be no tuition for this event – only cost of room and board at the Abode of the Message. salimchishti@imamsalim.com

If possible we will try and re-schedule at another venue closer to the end of the month, insha’allah. If you need more information please contact Imam Salim on email at salimchishti@imamsalim.com.

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