Gai Eaton Obituary – Telegraph

Gai Eaton - Hassan Abdul-Hakeem

“Gai Eaton, who died on February 26 aged 89, was a father figure to many white British converts to Islam and was regarded as one of contemporary Islam’s most sophisticated thinkers.”

Inna allahi wa inna allahi rajayun. I had not heard about Gai Eaton’s death until today. It is ironic that I only learned about him recently by picking up a copy of his book Remembering God which I am reading now. I was impressed by his honesty and by his grasp of Islamic concepts. He was able to write about these subjects in a way that a westerner-convert can relate to, a skill which I admire. I endorse and recommend that book. In reading the article from the Telegraph (link below) I was interested in the tumult in his life. We all go through hard times and easy times, Allah (swt) is merciful and benificent, all knowing, and guides us on the straight path. Gay Eaton, rest in peace, insha’allah.

Gai Eaton – Telegraph

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