Senior Pakistani Sheikh Issues Fatwa Against Terrorism | Global Terrorism

Sheikh Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadiri

Senior Pakistani Sheikh Issues Fatwa Against Terrorism | Global Terrorism.

In the past I have posted and supported the Fatwa issued by Sheikh Muhammad Tahir ul Qadiri. This post is part of that support.

Recently I also read an article about a suicide bombing in Pakistan in which 7 people were killed and the Taliban took the responsibility. They were actually proud of this. Additionally I read about protests in Pakistan over killing of civilians as a result of Pakistani Air Force strikes against Taliban and Al Qaeda strongholds. Yet I waited 24 hours after the recent Taliban bombings and no similar protests were reported.

This is backwards. The Taliban and Al Qaeda kill innocent people ON PURPOSE and gets little or no protest. They even brag about it. But when ACCIDENTAL casualties happen as a result of the country trying to rid itself of the vermin Taliban there are no voices denouncing them. I understand that this may be because the protests that do happen against armed forces may be inspired by Taliban or Al Qaeda operatives. But this kind of nonsense has got to stop.

The Sheikh’s fatwa is a good start but it has to be brought into the discussion every time there is a suicide bombing and killing of innocents. The fatwa is very complete and should put fear into the heart of any Muslim who is contemplating such horrific acts. The media has got to grab onto this more firmly and use it the way it is supposed to be used.

I would like to see, each time a bombing is reported, the news say something like this – “Despite numerous clerical opposition and fatwas indicating the illegality of suicide bombing and killing of innocents, the Taliban once again endangered the immortal souls of a misguided young man (or woman) when they launched a bombing in………” You pick the place.

Sheikh Qadiri’s fatwa is good. It is complete. It should be used as any legal injunction is used. We need to mention it in every article about bombings and in every forum about stopping these Taliban and Al Qaeda dogs.

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