Suffer the Sufis in Pakistan and the World –

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The link is to a very nice article regarding the status of Sufis around the Islamic world. It is in partial answer to the recent bombing of the Data Ganj Bakhsh Dargah in Lahore, Pakistan but goes beyond that.

Other articles we have read have been concentrating on the Barelvi community starting to be more vocal and possibly be more involved in Pakistani politics and social movements. Some of the articles we have read indicate that some factions within the Barelvi community feel it is time to take an offensive against the Taliban and the other groups (including Wahabis) whom they blame for this attack and others such as the recent attacks on Ahmadi mosques in Lahore.

There is no call for us to lower ourselves to the level of these despicable acts. The Qur’an tells us that we are allowed to meet attacks with the same kind of attack but it also says not to transgress. There are many ways of working against these forces without the need to resort to violent acts.

Read the article below, here is a quote-

“The recent bombings of a Sufi shrine in Lahore, Pakistan, that killed and injured over 200 people, were sadly emblematic of a more broader and universal malaise against the Divine and spiritualism. As worshippers were seeking clarity and a more personal experience with God, two suicide bombers blew themselves up at the tomb of the Persian Sufi Saint Syed Abul Hassan Bin Usman Bin Ali Al-Hajweri. This bombing follows a twin attack against two mosques belonging to the minority Ahmadi Community, and it occurs in the midst of an overly secular and militant empire trying to stamp its own image upon the region. Such acts are a universal sickness, since they inflict the Divine and disrupt humankinds longing to live in peace and be intimate with God, which is what Sufi’s practice.”

Suffer the Sufis in Pakistan and the World –

We must remember the inner peace that we are seeking on this path. There is a serious disconnect when we act to protect worldly distractions in order to maintain inner connection with the divine. Revenge is not what we are after – closeness to the beloved is. We must continue to act in that manner and to maintain the integrity of what we have and have learned and have to teach.

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