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The Sufi's Garland

Title: The Sufi’s Garland
Author: MS Maasoom
Publisher: Roman Books, Kabul (This book is scheduled to be available on at the end of March. This blog will notify readers at that time.)

Sufi poetry has always emphasized a connection with God portrayed as the beloved. Metaphors abound in many of the poetic traditions and vary according the poet’s style and point of view. Here, contemporary Sufi poetry from one of the most war-wracked regions on Earth proclaims that this spirit is still alive, that love and longing for spiritual freedom about in the hearts of even the most oppressed.

From the Pakistani Obeserver:

“Pakistanis were first introduced to contemporary Afghan literature during the Afghan war emanating from soviet occupation of the country. Like all wars it uprooted millions of Afghan forcing them to seek refuge in Pakistan. This scribe whose journalistic involvement with Afghan political leaders and court writers was deep and lasting was amazed to find men with long flowing beards writing fantastic love poetry.”


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