Way of The Heart

The Way of the Heart DVD

The Way of the Heart is a new DVD. A luminous chronicle of Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan’s (ra) journey to the West and the wisdom of Sufism he transmitted, and it reminds us that divinity can be found in the depths of every heart. It sounds a note of universal harmony in response to the great need of the world today.

2010 is the jubilee year of Inayat Khan’s arrival in the west. This DVD is part of the celebration of this happy year. Over the 100 years that have passed since his arrival a new consiousness has appeared worldwide, a renewed answer to the longing that is in the heart of human kind.

I highly recommend this DVD for all. You can see previews and interviews on the website (link below) as well as an order form for European and North American versions.

Click : To go to Order Page

via Way of The Heart Website.


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