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Islam religion of dialogue not of weapons

ISLAMABAD, May 8 (APP): Prophets and saints spread the teachings of Islam through dialogue not through weapons and asked the Muslims to live with peace, forge unity and inculcate values of love, brotherhood and fraternity in their lives.Addressing the ‘International Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Sufi Conference’ here on Sunday, Secretary Information of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Qamar Zaman Kaira said that the international community had brought the menace of militancy in this region and despite achieving their objectives, they had not taken steps to eradicate the same and resultantly the people of the Pakistan were suffering.

“Our armed forces have given countless sacrifices for the war imposed on our region”, he said adding that it was due to their efforts that the rule of law was successfully re-established in Swat.

He said that Osama Bin Ladin was not ‘our national hero’and criticized India, Israel and other countries who, he added, were baselessly blaming the security agencies and army for the Abbotabad incident.

Kaira urged media to play its due role and bring facts before the international world.He said that no single political party can change the fate of nation. All the stakeholders, including political parties, civil society, government and non-governmental organizations would have to make joint efforts for the purpose.

Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Mir Changaiz Jamali speaking on the occasion said that the message of Sakhi Sultan Bahoo had a universal appeal and it is the need of time to spread his message throughout the world.

He said,”Our religion is a peace loving religion, which has given a complete code of life”, adding that now frustration and other evils were nurturing in the minds of youth because of their ignorance.

“Religious education is as much important for us as scientific and modern education”, the minister said, adding that the basic lesson of Islam was to serve humanity and respect others.

Pir Afzal Qadri, Vice Chairman of Sunni Ittehad Council, said that Sufis and Saints had built inns , where travellers were served with free food.They came to serve the humanity and respect human dignity but their message was not properly conveyed by their followers.

He also criticized ‘Sajada Nasheens’ of few shrines who were not following real teachings of their forefathers and defaming Sufism.

He condemned the trend of “bangra, circus, theatre etc.” which are going unchecked at few shrines. “These are against the sanctity of these places but in charges of few shrines ignore these evil practices and earn bad names for all”, he noted.

He also asked the Aukaf department to take serious notice of these issues and start operation against the shrines where such practices, including drugs were affecting people.

The participants of the conference also asked that Sultan Bahoo’s universal message should be spread in the world as their poetry gives us a way to snub extremism and predicate violet forces in a society.

They said that the Sufi saints focused on the message of love, peace and brotherhood and gave us a dream of an ideal society where people live in peace.

via Associated Press Of Pakistan ( Pakistan’s Premier NEWS Agency ).

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