Three new booklets by Imam Salim Chishti

Greetings fellow travelers on the eternal path. We are pleased to announce three new booklets prepared by Imam Salim Chishti.

Chishti Fatiha

The Chishti Fatiha booklet is a compilation of the ceremony of the Chishti lineage to be performed at various times to honor people of renown such as Urs dates or Mawlid. Imam Salim has made the method clear and accessible to English speakers by providing Arabic, Transliteration and English interpretation.





Ten Short Suras

Ten Short Suras is an answer to requests by many people who have started to do the Salat prayer on a regular basis. Many of these do not have Suras of the Qur’an already memorized to use in the Salat prayer. This booklet provides an easy way to learn several Suras. This is a good starting point for memorization of Qur’an. Each Sura is presented in Arabic, transliteration and English interpretation.






Istikhara Prayer

The Istikhara Prayer was taught by the Prophet Muhammad (saw) to his companions in order for them to pray for divine guidance in all important matters of their lives. Few people know of this special prayer or its origins, but it is an extremely useful tool for the believer to set foot with divine guidance on the right path. The booklet covers the historical origins of the prayer as well as a precise description of the method for doing the prayer. The intention is to provide this tool to all who are interested. As in the other booklets all portions in Arabic also have the transliteration and English interpretation making it easy for even non-Arabic speakers to perform these prayers correctly.


All three booklets will be available in paper copies early in March but are available now in PDF format for download. Each one is $5.50 and you can download them from Imam Salim’s website,

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