Please help me get to Pir Rasheed's Urs

Imam Salim and Pir Rasheed 2009

Imam Salim and Pir Rasheed at his home in 2009

I am starting an indiegogo fund raising campaign asking for people to help fund my trip to Hyderabad, India to attend the first Urs ceremony of my beloved teacher, Pir Rasheed ul Hassan Jili ul Kaleemi. The indiegogo link is

About 7 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Pir Rasheed in Hyderabad, India. Over the intervening years my wife and I spent many hours with him whenever we were in India. Pir Rasheed was the grandson of the Sheikh who was the Murshid of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s Murshid – Syed Abu Hashem Madani. Pir Rasheed is also the inheritor of a shamanic method of spiritual healing which he transmitted to us in many teachings and demonstrations, eventually leading to his giving us ijazat (permission) to use these methods for the sake of healing people and humanity. The picture is of Pir Rasheed and me.

Pir Rasheed was a very humble person and was very loved by many people in his community and around the world. He offered not only his teachings but also his friendship. Tara and I were always welcome in his home and felt that wonderful friendship first hand. When he came to the US I had the great honor to escort him around the country to various meetings to meet Sufi Order mureeds. He also was a regular attendee to the Urs ceremonies of Hazrat Inayat Khan in Delhi, speaking on Sufism and love. He and I and his mureeds would also travel around Delhi, visiting other Dargahs and spending time together. Go to the indiegogo campaign.

In December of last year Pir Rasheed passed this mortal coil to be re-united with the beloved. It saddened me that I could not attend his funeral in Hyderabad. This year in early December his first Urs (spiritual wedding with the beloved) will be commemorated in Tolichowki, Hyderabad, India at the Kaleemi Astana (pictured).  I would dearly like to attend this and have been encouraged by friends in the US and in India to go because of the special friendship that Pir Rasheed and I had. Our mutual friend, Scott Kugle, told me in an email that it would be a blessing and a miracle if I were able to attend this first Urs. I dearly want to go.

My dilemma is the cost of the air tickets. The cost is prohibitive to me and I need help from you if I am to be able to go. Once I get there I will have very little expenses as friends will be able to put me up.

Please consider donating any amount. Larger donations will get me to the goal faster but every dollar will help.

I will be producing a video and pictures of the event which you will be able to see on YouTube.

Thanks for your consideration.

Imam Salim

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