Sufi saints promoted communal harmony

They travelled the length and breadth of the country singing

Sufi saints have played a pivotal role in promoting communal harmony in the medieval India, said ‘Kalanthai’ Peer Mohamed, writer and Deputy Editor, Kaalachuvadu, a Tamil magazine.

The Sufi saints dedicated their lives for the promotion of secular values, religious tolerance and brotherly affection.

The values propagated by them were still relevant to the entire society, ‘Kalanthai’ Peer Mohamed said while speaking at a session to review the book Wahhabism: Ethir Uraiyadal authored by the late H. G. Rasool, a poet.

The event was brought up by the Readers Circle of the Paalam The Book Meet book stall in the city recently.

The Sufis visited various parts of India in quest of peace. Their preachings attracted all sections of the society, who revered them to the core.

The values propagated by Sufi saints could be used to fight evils such as communalism and the viviparous tendencies which were bent on destroying the social fabric of the country.

Mr. Peer Mohamed said that the Dargahs, tombs of Sufi saints, attract a large number of Muslims, Hindus and people belonging to all faiths alike.

Cultural synthesis emerged in the country centuries ago thanks to the presence of the Darghas. The disciples of Sufis too have adopted the path of peace.

He came down heavily against Wahhabism which he said was dividing the community and sowing ill-will among followers of various faiths.

Prophet Muhammad patronised and encouraged art, literature, poetry. In contrary, Wahhabism is promoting intolerance and its followers were bent on destroying all the centuries-old Islamic cultural monuments.

A.L. Vincent of the Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers and Artistes Association, presided over the event.

Source: Sufi saints promoted communal harmony

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