Fez to hold 11th Festival of Sufi Culture this month | MEO

Festival themed “Presence of Sufism” seeks to reinforce Morocco’s position in intercultural dialogue by forging bridge between East and West.

Source: Fez to hold 11th Festival of Sufi Culture this month | MEO

CASABLANCA – The eleventh edition of the Fez Festival of Sufi Culture will take place October 20-27 in the imperial city with a rich programme awaiting visitors.

This year’s festival themed “Presence of Sufism” seeks to lure Moroccans to the discovery of the Sufi heritage and offer them access to this artistic, intellectual and spiritual wealth of civilisation.

The Festival will highlight, through its rich programme, this civilisation in Morocco that continues to be the breeding ground of universal values.

It also aims to reinforce Morocco’s position in intercultural dialogue by forging a bridge between East and West, questioning the role of Sufism in today’s world, and making known the artistic richness that Sufism has inspired through painting, calligraphy, songs, music, auteur films, books and exhibitions as well as contemporary artists and thinkers.

Several activities will be held throughout the festival, including an opening artistic creation entitled ‘Odes aux femmes mystiques’, which will bring together artists Carole Latifa, Leili Anvar, Françoise Atlan and the women of Chefchaoun, a mystical and poetic recital by Leili Anvar, concerts of the ensemble Al Firdaus of Granada – Ali Keeler and Marouane Hajji and performances of the Dervishes and spiritual songs of the Châm, in addition to screenings of films.

During the day debates will be devoted to the presentation, analysis and meditation of this theme which emphasizes the essential importance, for any society, to maintain and develop its spiritual, individual and collective wealth. Many renowned national and international speakers will participate in these panel discussions.

The festival will also see the organization of many Samaâ nights of different Tariqas, including Boutchichiya, Sqalliya, Sharqawiya, Rissouniya and Wazzaniya.

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