14th Muharram Urs Hazrat Khwaja Mumshad Dinawari, Dinawar, Iraq, 299AH/911CE


Mumshad Dinwari, or Karimuddin Mun’im, was an early Sufi saint, a successor to Abu Hubairah Basri, seventh link in the Sufi silsilah of the Chishti Order, and the Master of Abu Ishaq Shami. There seem to be many versions of his name in English letters when transliterating from Urdu, Persian and Arabic. I have chosen Mumshad Dinawari as being the most correct as far as I can tell.

Through Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi, he followed the path of Sufyian suri (Thuri) and Serri Seqti in the line of Maaruf Karkhi, Dawood Taaei and Hazrat Imam AliReza. Both Suhrawardia and Chishtiya sufi chains join Master Junaid through Memshad-al-Dinawari

In the Chishti lineage he was the Khalifa of Khwaja Abu Hubaira Basri and was succeeded by Khwaja Abu Ishaq Shami who was deputed by the Shaikh to settle down at a place called Chisht in the neighbourhood of Herat. Shaikh Abu Ishaq Shami was the first Shaikh who was called Abu Ishaq Chisti. It is thus that a great Silsila Chishtiya came into existence. He was succeeded by Khwaja Abu Ahmad Abdal who was a dignitary of Chisht. Through him and his successors, including Khwaja Qutubuddin Moudud Chishti, this chain of Sufism connected Ajmer Sharif to Baghdad.

He was born in Dinavar, West Iran. Dinavar was a major city in the 8th-11th centuries, located to the northeast of Kermanshah in western Iran. He died around 297-299 Hijri. He was buried in Dinavar, Iraq. As of this posting I could find no photograph of his dargah.

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