13th Rabi ul Awwal Urs Ala Uddin Sabir- Kaliyar Dist. Rurki UP 690AH

Dargha of Alauddin Sabir (Baba Sabir) in Kaliyar, UP, India

The arrival of Khwaja Makhdoom Alauddin Ahmed Sabir Pak popularly known as “Baba Sabir” at Kaliyar unfolds some interesting episodes of his life. It is said that after his father’s death, Sabir’s mother Hazrat-e-Hazra brought him to Pakpattan in 1204 A D where her brother Baba Farid lived. Eleven-year-old Sabir could make unusual predictions. One day, he predicted his grandfather’s death. Astonished by this revelation, his uncle asked: “Sabir, when you are here, how can you predict your grandfather’s death, who lives in Baghdad?” Sabir told his maternal uncle: “Right now when I was meditating, I saw my father’s face. He pointed his three fingers towards me which signals death.” Baba Farid believed him and said: “Child you are a saint by birth.” Thereafter, Baba Farid decided to teach Sabir lessons on worldly wisdom and declare him a scholar.

After three years of stay in Pakpattan, Sabir’s mother decided to return to Herat. Before leaving, she told Baba Farid: “This child talks less and eats less. So please take care. When I come back, I will like to marry him to your daughter.” Baba Farid was delighted to hear this.

Soon Baba Farid entrusted all the responsibilities of managing the bhandara (mass meals) to Sabir. Every morning, Sabir came out of his room, distributed meals and went back. Again in the evenings he would do the same. For about twelve years, he followed this practice and nobody ever saw him eating or drinking anything. When Baba Farid asked him why, Sabir replied: “When I was made responsible for the bhandara, I was only told to distribute food, so I did not eat. I survived on my soul’s strength.” More […]

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