9th Ramadan Urs Qazi Hamid Uddin Nagori Mehroli, New Delhi 643AH

Hamid Uddin Nagore

He was made king of Bukhara at 52 years of age. Once he went to the jungle to hunt and struck a deer. the deer asked him “what answer will you give to ALLAH by killing me?”. he came back and left his throne forever.

Went to Makkah from Baghdad and Medina sharif where he heard his Lakab- Qazi Hamiduddin Nagauri and came to know that Nagore is in India. He came to India in 561 Hijri. He taught Qur’an to Kkwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki by Almighty’s order. came to India with his family and his father died there in Delhi. He started sama mahfil with qutub saheb in delhi. many people opposed the idea and said go and start sama mahfil in Baghdad then you can do it in Delhi. then he went to Baghdad sharif and started sama mahfil there and came back to Delhi to continue it in Delhi and this time it was done with large numbers.

He was made the qazi of Nagore city by king Shamsuddin Altamash Wisal – In the state of namaze Tarawih made sajdah and died on 9, Ramadhan mubarak, 643 Hijri.

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