28th Dhu’l Qa’ada Urs Kamaluddin Allama, Delhi 756AH/1355CE

Hazrat Khwaja Sayyid Kamal Uddin (r.a) was one of the two major successor of the great Sufi master Hazrat Khwaja Nasir Uddin Chiragh (r.a). During the twilight of Dehli years, he was responsible for firmly rooting the sisilah in the Gujrat, a place of relative calm.

In his youth, he became the murid of Hazrat Nizam Uddin Auliya, and was thus his uncle’s peer-bhai. The hagiographical works Majalis-e-Hasiniyya, Maqam Ganj-e-Shakar and Siyar al Auliya all recorded that Khwaja Kamal Uddin was honored with the khilafat of Khwaja Nizam Uddin( r.a) before he passed away, as a sign of the latters favor towards him. The responsibility for his spiritual training, however, was transferred to his uncle Khwaja Nasir Uddin Chiragh, who completed his suluk and after whose name he appears in the Chishtiya Nizamiyya’s Shajarah.

Little is known about his birth and early life, but he trained to a high level of specialization in all fields of Islamic sciences. Such was his mastery, that he was acknowledged as the top expert of his time in fiqh, tafsir and ulum al hadith. He eventually became well-known as “Kamal Uddin Allama” ( the great scholar) and some of the great ulama of India traveled to Dehli to study at his feet.

The seeds of the Chishtiyyah in Gujrat had been sown by Khwaja Hamid Uddin and Khwaja Mahmud, two lesser known Khalifahs of Khwaja Qutab Uddin Bakthiyar Kaki. However, it was with the arrival of Khwaja Kamal Uddin Allam (r.a) that the organization of the sisilah was strengthened and expanded. He set up a centralized structure, much like the one that had existed in Delhi; and with this he began disseminating the teachings of the Chishtiyya among the people. Freed from political interference, he was able to accomplish the primary duty of the Sufis is the spiritual upliftment of mankind. He continued this work until his death, on the 28th of Dhu’l Qa’ada 756 AH, one year before the passing of his own murshid. He afforded his khilafat-e-azam to his son, Khwaja Siraj Uddin (r.a). He is buried at the feet of his murshid, Nasir Uddin Chiragh, in Delhi.

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