24th Zul Hijja Urs Nizam Uddin Aurangabadi, Aurangabad, India, 989AH

Nizamuddin Aurangabadi (ra)

Among the most renowned saints in India Sheikh ul Islam wal Muslimin Hazrat khwaja Shah Nizamuddin Aurangabadi is counted as one of the prominent saints of India.

Hazrat Nizamuddin was murid and Khalifa-e-azam of Hazrat Sheikh Kalimullaha shah Jahanabadi. The peer-o- Murshad (Spiritual Preceptor) of Hazrat Sheikh Kalimullaha shah Jahanabadi was Qutube Madina Shaikh Yahiya Madani.

According to the advice of  Qutubi Madani Sheikh Yahiya Madani, Shaikh Kalimullaha bestowed upon Shah Nizamuddin the title of Khalifa-e-Azam and instructed him to settle in Deccan an showered upon him the vilayat and responsibility of deccan

When Hazrat Nizamuddin was learning the basics in his village Kakor at the same time in Madina Munnawara preparation for his spiritual teaching were going on, which means that in Madinatul Munnwara at the Rauza of Rasulallah (saw) the Qutubul Madina Hazrat Sheikh Yahiya Madani showered spiritual teaching and learning to Hazrat Sheikh Kalimullaha Shah Jahanabadi. After giving khilafat to sheikh Kalimullah, Sheikh Yahiya Madani gave farewell and advised him the name of his spiritual successor will be “NIZAMUDDIN” who will come to you to seek the knowledge and will recite the following couplet.

“Supurdum bato maaye kheshra
tu daani hisaabe kamo beshra”

(I have surrendered myself to you; you know the best for me.)

Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh after completing his basic education at Kakor.he came to khanqah (sufi monastery) of Shah Kalimullah Rh at Delhi to get higher islamic education. While learning, the intense spritiual atmosphere that’s surrounded Shah Kalimullah drew him closer to the path of Sufis.One day after Namaz-e-Zohar the Shah Kalimullah was searching his shoes Hazrat Nizamuddin came forward and dusted his Murshid shoes and placed them before him, the Murshid smile and asked to Nizamuddin Auliya.

“Have you come to acquire knowledge or do you seek the path of Allah?”

To this hazrat Nizamuddin Rh humbly recited those very words.

With the instruction of Peer-o-Murshid Sheikh Kalimullaha.  Hazrat  Nizamuddin came to deccan and he traveled to Burhanpur, Sholapur, Bijapur and permanently setlled at Aurangabad. Hazrat Nizamuddin started a spiritual khanqah (sufi monastery) at Aurangabad and devoted the whole life for the spiritual uplifting of the people.

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