6th Jumada ath Thani Urs Shah Niyaz – Bareli 1250H

Shah Niyaz – Barelly

Shah Niyaz inherited spiritual qualities from his parents, particularly from his mother, from childhood.

His mother gave him in the care of Sayed Faqruddin Muhammad Dehlvi who is famous by the name Maulana Faqr-e-paak/Fakr-e-Zahaan who later made Shah Niyaz his spiritual disciple. He used to call him Miyan. Faqr-e-paak deputed Niyaz to Bareli (Uttarpradesh, India) to carry out the work of the order.

Niyaz was inducted in Qadri order by Abdullah Baghdadi, who was direct descendent of Gausul Aazam. The incidence is such that one day Fakre Paak told that in his dream Ghaus Paak has introduced him to a certain person (closely related to him) who would be sent to initiate Niyaz as his disciple and Fakre Paak should have him accepted by the person. After six days Fakre Paak told one day that Ghaus Paak has told him that the person has reached Delhi. Fakre Paak placed a tray full of sweets on his head and holding the hand of Niyaz went to Jama Masjid Delhi, where the person (Abdullah Baghdadi) was staying. Hazrat Fakre Paak recognized Abdullah Baghdadi at once and placed the tray in front of him. Niyaz was accepted by Abdullah Baghdadi as his spiritual desciple in front of huge crowd in the arch of Jama Masjid.

Shah Niyaz also received spiritual blessings from other saints of other sufi orders. In brief it can be put that he was initiated in Qadri order by Syed Abdullah Baghdadi and Mohi-ud-din Diyasnami , in Chisti-Nizami order by Fakr-e-Jahaan and Said-ud-din, in Suharwardi order by Fakr-e-Jahaan, and in Chisti-Sabri-Naqshbandi order from Shah Rahmat-ul-lah.

The Sufi order he established is known as the Niyazi Silsila.

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