16th Rajab Urs Rukn Uddin Abul Fateh – Multan, Pakistan 735AH/1334CE

Tomb in Multan, Pakistan

Shaikh Ruknuddin Abul Fateh, also known as Shah Rukn e Alam of Multan was initiated into the Suhrawardi order by his father, Shaikh Bhauddin Zakaria. He also trained his younger brother, Hazrat Makhdoom Shaikh Imaduddin Ismail Qureshi(Quraishi) Asadi al Hashmi , who was one of the pioneers of Islamic preachers in Allahabad district. . Shah Ruknuddin kept his brother always with him and even in his visits to Delhi at the call of Alauddin Khilji. When Shah Ruknuddin visited Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya, his younger brother Shaikh Ismail was with him and asked some questions from both the holy men.

Shah Ruknuddin died in AD 1334. He is buried in Multan, Pakistan.

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