March 2 (CE Calendar) Urs Murshida Sophia Saintsbury-Green 1939CE

Cover of “Images of Inayat”

I could not find a picture of Murshida Sophia, the image here is of the cover of her well known book “Images of Inayat”. If anyone has more information about her, please pass them on to us to we can improve this post in the future.

From Wahiduddin’s website I have gleaned the following information, you can read the entire biographical sketch (and others) here.

She came from an old English family steeped in tradition. A born poet and writer of exquisite English prose, Sophia passed through a vivid girlhood of study and mental attainment. She was never taught her letters but at the age of three read aloud from a page of the Times. She was always drawn towards ancient philosophies and cultures, and at the age of five (while playing with toys upon the floor) broke into the conversation of two startled elders with her own original comment upon a two-thousand-year-old heresy which they were discussing!
In May 1921 Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan founded in London the Universal Worship as an exoteric activity of the Sufi Movement. He ordained Sophia Green the first Cheraga, an office she held alone for fifteen months, conducting the services regularly. On becoming a Siraja, further Cherags and Sirajs were ordained and Universal Worship spread to other countries. In 1921 she had been given the initiation of Khalifa (a position on the esoteric side of the Sufi Movement) and in 1923 she was created a Murshida.
She continued until her death to interpret the Message, and although never in good health valiantly declined to consider her personal comforts, up to the last year, rising above physical limitations to work undeterred for the welfare of others.

Murshida Sophia passed on March 2, 1939.

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