17th Jumada al Awwal Urs Shah Badi Uddin Madar (ra) – Makhan Pur


Hazrat Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar is a prominent sufi saint whose tomb is situated in Makanpur, near Kanpur city in the State of Uttar Pradesh in India. The annual Urs Mubarak is celebrated with great charm and the pilgrims crowd over from various parts of the country as well as foreigners attend the function with faith. The people are blessed with the prayers of the sufi saint whom, it is said, lived for 596 years. He is also known as Qutub-ul-Madar.

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14th Jumada al Awwal Urs Bibi Fatima al Zahra, Medina, 11AH, 632CE

Fatima took the death of the Holy Prophet to heart, and she passed away in early 633 C E, barely six months after the passing away of the Holy Prophet. She was only twenty-nine years old at the time or her death. Her marriage lasted for a short period of eight or nine years only. During this period she gave birth to five children, three sons and two daughters. Her three sons were Hasan, Husain, and Mohsin. Mohsin died during infancy. Hasan was about seven years old while Husain was about six years old at the time of her death.

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Islamic Feminists Speak on Fight to Reclaim Rights

By Maria Salim

Source: Islamic Feminists Speak on Fight to Reclaim Rights

NEW DELHI, India, Dec 22 2020 (IPS) – The court victory to allow women into the inner sanctum of a Sufi shrine in Mumbai was a significant victory for a secular rights-based movement led by Muslim women. However, there is a fear the political climate in India regarding Muslims, could put the women’s rights agenda on the back foot.

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Book City to review Dilaver Gurer’s “Abd al-Qadir Jilani”

Copies of the Persian translation of Turkish writer Dilaver Gurer’s book “Abd al-Qadir Jilani” by Davud Vafai are on display in a Tehran bookstore.

TEHRAN – The Book City Institute plans to review Turkish writer Dilaver Gurer’s book “Abd al-Qadir Jilani” during its weekly session on Tuesday.

Source: Book City to review Dilaver Gurer’s “Abd al-Qadir Jilani”


Translated by Davud Vafai into Persian, the book has recently been published by the Mola Publishing House in Tehran.

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Urs Murshida Fazl Mai Egeling December 27, 1939CE, Arnhem, Netherlands

Murshida Fazl Mai Egeling

Murshida Fazal Mai Egeling was born on the 27th of March, 1861, and she lived most of her earlier days in quiet contemplation amidst the tall trees and sleeping waters of Netherlands’ romantic landscapes.
In the later part of 1921 she suddenly awakened to the object of her life’s purpose and swiftly joined the marching lines of those first initiated seen at the dawn of Sufism in the West bringing along many friends and followers, all of whom became leading powers of various Sufi activities…

Murshida Fazal Mai helped and provided Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan with a place to live and more. Here he recounts in his own words…

After twelve years of wandering and homeless life in the West, with a large family to look after, in addition to having my laudable object to carry out, I was provided at last with four walls at Suresnes, thanks to the kind sympathy of my Dutch mureed, Mevrouw Egeling. The purpose was, that when going about to preach in the World, I might have the relief of thinking that my little ones are sheltered from heat and cold under a roof. This saintly soul came into my life as a blessing from above, was called Fazal Mai, which means Grace of God. The house was also named Fazal Manzil, as a hand of Providence, became my backbone, which comforted me, and raised my head upwards in thanksgiving.

Murshida Fazal Mai passed away on 27th December 1939, at Arnhem, the Netherlands, at the age of 79.

And more… (wahiduddin’s website, you will have to scroll down to get to her bio)

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