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Salafi intolerance threatens Sufis | Baher Ibrahim | Religiology News – Islam

Egypt’s peaceful Muslims are being denied religious freedoms as the influence of conservative Salafism grows Whenever religious freedom is discussed in Egypt, the topic inevitably turns to the status of the Christian Copts. Thousands of articles have been written about … Continue reading

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American Jew Finds Peace in Islam

American Jew Finds Peace in Islam “For many people, the word ‘Islam’ conjures up images of violence, suicide bombings and holy war. But not for Maryam Kabeer Faye, a Jewish-born American. She believes the religion she adopted after a long … Continue reading

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Responsibility and Beauty

My Dear Brothers and sisters, as salaam alaykum – greetings of peace to you. Today’s Khutbah is about “Talking the talk and walking the Walk” What does this mean? It means do we take the responsibility, as Muslims, to represent … Continue reading

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