Jewish mystics on the Sufi path – Bikya Masr

Make a joyful noise!

I have always been fascinated by the similarities (and the differences) in forms of worship between the Hasidim and Sufis. Their dancing and joyful singing impressed me as being a parallel to Sufi Sema. In this article (link below) Nimet Seker speaks of much more that I was unaware of, especially among the Egyptian mystic Jews. As we get closer and closer to God, we get closer and closer to each other – but of course!

“BONN, Germany: Jews do not traditionally destroy texts that include the name of God – even when they are no longer needed. Such texts are kept in the synagogue in a special room called the geniza (hiding place in Hebrew). Over 100 years ago, the geniza of the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo was opened, and extraordinary things came to light.”

For the entire article – click  here.

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