New book coming out soon preview – "Physicians of the Heart"

Physicians of the Heart - Cover

A new book, with amazing insight into the 99 beautiful names of Allah is very soon to be published. This past week I have had the blessing of sitting in sohbet and classes with one of the authors who read several passages from the book on various names. The readings were inspirational and would definitely fall into the category of ma’rifa. There obviously was a great deal of care taken in the writing and in the message that is being conveyed. I also know three of the four people who have collaborated on the book and from what I know about them and about what I heard, this may be one of the most significant works on the subject in many years.

I consider each of these people as physicians themselves and deeply inspired by an inner attunement with divine guidance. Their expertise runs the gamut from meditation to linguistics, music to Qur’an, and much more in between. I have highly anticipated this work since I first heard about it being worked on a few years ago.

About Physicians of the Heart

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Prayerful recitation of the 99 Names of Allah has been a sacred practice by Sufis, and by the various Sufi Orders, since the time of the Prophet Muhammad. Through active remembrance of these divine qualities, travelers on the spiritual path can overcome narcissism, resolve their issues of separation from God and from humanity, and awaken to God’s presence manifesting in all their relationships, inner and outer, earthly and heavenly.

This book takes you into the heart of the mystery of these sacred Names. It is a vehicle for understanding the infinite nature of God, and for discovering the divine potential in every soul. It does this through a wide variety of methods. The Names are best understood in relational clusters, and that is how the book is organized, into families like the family of Abundance, or Ecstasy, or Forgiveness. Or the modalities of Omnipotence, or how the opposites combine.

It is a guidebook for progressing through the stages of the spiritual path and an instruction manual for teachers on how to work with students wisely, as physicians of the heart. In the process of this voyage of discovery, the reader is systematically exposed to the universal mysticism encoded in the Qur’an and in the classical Sufi traditions, as well as to a modern psychological approach that works with the Names to achieve individuation and wholeness.

— Wali Ali Meyer

You can pre-order the book from the website (click on the link above). There is a page with instructions on ordering.

Interestingly, on the website there is also an audio pronunciation guide to the names. There are different recitations for each of the 99 names given by fluent speakers with Arabic, Persian-Urdu, classical Arabic and Moroccan styles. This is a wonderful guide for those that are just learning and those who have been practicing for many years. Take a listen!

Contact Imam Salim

Contact Imam Salim

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