New Page on Adab

adab“Sufism resides entirely in Adab” – Abu Hafs Nisaburi (Ninth century Sufi)

The above quote of Nisaburi is only one example of many similar quotes from other modern and historical teachers of Sufism.

Although Adab is seen as such an overwhelmingly important element of Sufism it is seldom understood in the daily practice of mureeds. About 5 years ago Imam Salim Chishti taught a series of classes on Adab at the Abode of the Message in New Lebanon, New York.

The new page (also available under “Publications” in the menu) simply titled Adab consists of links to PDF files of the notes Imam Salim used to develop those classes. This is not meant to be a comprehensive treatment of Adab, as that would take volumes to do, but rather to be an introduction to this beautiful subject.

Imam Salim is also available to teach classes on Adab. If you are interested you can contact him using the contact form.

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