22nd Safar Urs Mahmud Rajan, Peeran Pattan, Gujarat, India 900AH/1494CE

quran3Hazrat Khawaja Shaykh Mahmud Rajan (ra)

Allah has granted him dominion in both the worlds;
He is beloved of the magnificent chieftain.
Here I stand, relating with a truthful heart.
Salutations to you, may my calamities be removed !
The guide Shaykh Mahmud, known as the princely leader.

Hazrat Shaykh Mahmud Raja was the son of Khwaja Ilm Uddin (ra) and assumed his father’s wardship of the Chishti Nizami order after his passing away. He was given the title of Nasir Uddin Thani ( the second Khwaja Nasir Uddin) because of his close similarity in appearance, habits and behaviour to the last of the great Five Sufi masters of Chishtiyyah.

After his discipleship at the hands of his father and other Sufi masters, he was given Khwaja Ilm Uddins khilafat-e-Azam, as well as receiving khilafat in the Suhrawardi order from Shaykh Qarin Uddin Suharwardi (r.a). He was also given the appellation of ‘ Shaykh Rajan by his followers and peers.

During his khilafat, he was closely involved in the administration of the Chishtiyyah, exhorting his muridin to expand the teachings of the sisilah and propagate Islam. He used to stress the importance of congregational dhikr, whilst de-emphasizing sama as a tool of spiritual upliftment. Shaykh Mahmud Rajan passed away in Ahmadabad on the 22nd Safar 900 AH, but after five months-at the request of his muridin-his still perfectly preserved body was exhumed to be buried next to that of his father’s, in Peeran Pattan, also in Gujarat.

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