23rd Safar Urs Shah Mina, Lucknow, 884AH/1479CE

Dargah Shah Mina, Lucknow, India

Hazrat Shah Mina (also known as Makhdoom Shah Mina Sahab) belongs to the family of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (ra) . His father name was Hazrat Shaikh Qutub (ra) . He moved from Delhito Jaunpur after residing some days In Jaunpur he moved to Dalmau but due to bad conditions of wealth he moved finally to Lucknow. After comming to lucknow he directly meet Hajji Harmain Sahab(ra) whose mazar sharif is in medical college Lucknow.

Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Mina Sahab (ra) was the mureed and Khalifa of Hazrat Makhdoom Shaikh Sarang Sahab (ra). Shah Mina Sahab (ra) use to walk bare foot from Lucknow to Mazgawan sharif to meet his Pir Sahab. He belongs to the Chistiya and Suhrawardi silsila.

Shah Mina Sahab (ra) was very devout. In the night of cold winters when ever he used to feel asleep he used to put cold water on himself completely making him and his cloth wet so that he would not fall asleep and can worship allah. Some times he used to sit on stones and when he felt very tired he used sleep on that stones making him unable to sleep. He used to spent whole nights worshipping allah and fasting many days. In this way by killing his nafs and the inner evil desire he got the real divine light of allah and his beloved prophet(saw).

At the time of his demise Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Mina Sahab (ra) he use to mainly stay in his hermitage as he was very ill and for six months did not speak with any one and after six months his condition became very critical and finally he passed on 23 safar 884 hijri 1479.

At the time of his demice his age was 84 years. His urs is celebrated with great joy and love and it starts on the 22nd of Safar and goes until the 25th of Safar.

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