26th Safar Urs Hazrat Khwaja ‘Ilm Uddin Chishti, Pirana, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India

Hazrat Khawaja Muhammad Ilm Uddin Chishti (ra)

Indeed you are my protector and assistance
Thus I have no fear, for my religion or for this world
This is certainly the truth-in this there is no doubt or malice
Salutations to you, may my disheartened heart become pleased
The leader of the masters, Hazrat Ilm Uddin

Khwaja Muhammad Ilm al-Haq wa ad-Din was the son and foremost khalifa of Khwaja Siraj Uddin, who had led the Chishtiyya silsilah in the Gujrat for nearly sixty years.

Little is known of his early history, as most of the life-histories from his period (such as Majalis-e-Hasiniyya ) are no longer extant. He was much inclined to asceticism, and was known for the performance of strenuous and advanced mujahadahs during the course of his spiritual training. He was blessed with a strong physical constitution, an essential attribute for such feats of spiritual endurance. It has been said that he was regarded as unique in his time in term of his mujhadah, and comparisons were made to great Sufis of the past, such as Hazrat Baba Farid Uddin Ganj-e-Shakr (r.a)

Upon completion of his suluk, he was awarded the khalifat-e-azam from his father, and also received khilafat from Khwaja Banda Nawaz Gesu Daraz (r.a). Thus through Khwaja Ilm Uddin, the two major branches of the Chishti Nizami order-those of Khwaja Ilm Uddin and Khwaja Banda Nawaz (r.a)-were reunited.

After the wisal of his father, Khwaja Ilm Uddin assumed the authority over the Chishtiyyah sisilah in Gujrat. He ascended his father’s seat and continued the teaching and spiritual reformation of the people. He was well known for giving all his students a solid grounding in the shariah as a pre-requisite for spiritual advancement. Only after they had mastered the ulum ad din would he allow them to enter upon the tariqah. He used to limit those who remained unqualified to certain wadifahs, and they would never be afforded khilafat. If anyone expressed to him a desire to achieve khilafat ‘merely by tasawwuf,’ he used to immediately refuse them. He used to mention famous saying of Hazrat Baba Farid (r.a)” the matter of khilafat is Allah’s work and cannot be given to those who desire it. Those who are qualified will receive it without asking.”

Khwaja Ilm Uddin continued to teach and perform the islah of his muridin until his wisal, on the 26th of Safar. The exact year of his passing is not known. His shrine is located in Pirana, Ahmadabad, Gujrat India.

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