15th Jumada ath Thani Urs Shams Uddin Turk Panipat 716AH

Shamsuddin Turk – Panipat

Khawaja Shamsuddin Turk was the most distinguished spiritual heir of Sabir Kalahari, served such an awesome man for 24 years and never left him. When grew knowledgeable of intrinsic learning and heart illuminated of Divinity, his teacher ordered him to enlist himself into the royal army and bring about reformation among the soldiers. Under the orders of the teacher Shamsuddin Turk joined the royal army. Once Sultan Ala-Uddin Khilji invaded Chittor but the fort could not be won. Continuous seige of Chittor annoyed the Sultan. He therefore approached Shams-Uddin Turk to pray to God for the victory. He prayed and the Sultan won it.

One day a disciple of Shamsuddin Turk went to the city on an errand and saw Boo Ali Shah (another renowned saint from Panipat) riding a lion and retold the episode to his teacher. Shamsuddin Turk said to his disciple, “Go to the residence of Boo Ali Shah and if you see him riding the lion, tell him: “The lion should live in the jungle.” The disciple obeyed, found Hazrat Boo Ali Shah in the condition and conveyed his teacher’s message. He rose from his place immediately and went to Ghote.

The Mosque and Mazaar of Hazrat Khwaaja Shamsuddin Turk Panipati (Rahmatulla alaih) was recently after decades of negotiations at the highest levels relinquished by its Sikh owners in favour of Murshid Hazrat Ghulam Jilaani Kalyari who is based at and is the head Khaadim at the Darbaar of Hazrat Saabir Paak (Rahmatulla alaih) in Kalyar Sharief. The restoration project which is presently underway is headed personally by Hazrat Ghulam Jilaani Kalyari.

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